Little Miss Chiff

There’s just no hiding it. I’m a dog person. To expand further on that, I’m most definitely a boxer person. I love boxer dogs. Feel free to fawn over this picture of my special needs dog, Little Miss Chiff (pronounced mischief). Despite giving the appearance of being your run of the mill white boxer, Little One has a not so obvious secret: she’s stone cold deaf.

Miss Chiff doesn’t let her impairment cramp her doggy style. She’s house broken and trained using hand signals, aka improvised doggy sign language. In fact, last summer she proudly graduated from obedience school. We like to give our dogs ever-changing nicknames and just because she can’t hear them doesn’t mean she’s spared. Case in point, “Blinky.” Why would we call our dog Blinky? She won’t come when you call her, but she’s at the door in an instant if you blink the porch light on and off.

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