the person

My name is Dusty. Originally from Toronto, Canada, I moved to Houston, Texas in 2001, became a resident in 2007 and have lived happily ever after. If my life was a fairy tale, I’d live in a Viking fortress with my partner in crime, our daughter and our dogs.

Some of my personal interests include (but are not limited to!) computers, magazines, motorcycles, robots, skaters, the interweb, art & design, skulls and crossbones, the number 27, comic books, vikings, pop culture, everything japanese or punk rock, freaks on the street, dogs, cartoons and cartoon dogs.

the professional

As an Art Director with an affinity for production, I take pride in assisting designers in the development of their “real world” skills while encouraging creativity and innovation within their designs. I enjoy leading my team by example through strong work ethics, attention to the finest details and effectively managing projects and deadlines.

the website was created using WordPress and a slightly modified version of the Arthemia theme by Michael Hutagalung. The title header features Eurostile, a sans serif typeface designed by Aldo Novarese in 1962.

the number

People often ask me what the deal is with the number 27. What’s not to love? Twenty-seven is just an all around great number and it’s everywhere. Take a look some time, you’ll be amazed.


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